What Are the Primary Factors That Influence Wellness and Health?

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is “an environment that provides optimal advantages for the maintenance of a well-balanced healthy lifestyle, with all the physical aspects of life optimum in every person.” A number of definitions have also been used over the years for various applications. In today’s culture, health is often looked at as the absence of illness or disability. It is an idea that has taken on a certain social connotation in America, and although it is growing in popularity, still holds some misconceptions that need to be dispelled.


The first definition is that good health is having an optimum level of physical, emotional, mental, and social well being. There are many factors that come into play when a good health is attained. This definition includes a person’s attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, home environment, social network, educational opportunities, health education, work setting, and the like. All of these contribute to a person’s health and quality of life. There are many ways to achieve all of these components, but some may prove to be more important than others.

One important factor in attaining good health is preventing sickness and disease. Proper hygiene and cleanliness keep the body free from bacteria and viruses that can cause illnesses and diseases. Good nutrition is also vital in maintaining a healthy weight. Healthy foods help to fuel the body and maintain a balance of nutrients. Proper exercise levels help to maintain the body’s mass and avoid weight gain, while good mental health keeps one from having negative thoughts and stress levels that lead to depression, which is also a contributing factor to poor physical health.

There are several environmental factors that are related to the causes of illness and disease, and some can be changed or prevented. For example, pollution, aging, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and sedentary lifestyle are known physical health issues that are often associated with mental health issues. While both can be changed or prevented, not all aspects are affected by lifestyle choices. Thus, it may be impossible to alter the lifestyle of people in the downtown areas to live a healthy lifestyle, since these factors are often already present.

However, there are many mental health treatments available today, that not only help people feel better but improve their physical health as well. Therapy and counseling services are available for those who need assistance with coping with stress, anxiety, depression, or other emotional disorders that can be a physical problem. Aromatherapy, yoga, and other relaxation techniques are often helpful. Massage therapy is also a treatment that has been shown to improve physical well-being when combined with diet and exercise.

Health and wellness are the number one factor that determines a person’s chances of living a long and successful life. According to The Social Determinants of Health, there are five key social determinants that determine an individual’s health status: heath, the quality of life, the social environment, the education, and the occupational profile. By analyzing the different aspects of your life, you can evaluate whether you need individual or group counseling or medical attention.