Is Sport a Specific Term?


Is Sport a Specific Term?

Sport (or physical sport) is any form of generally competitive physical activity that, though not necessarily competitive, aims to utilize, maintain, or improve particular physical prowess and skills for the purpose of gaining enjoyment, attention, or even competition. Some sports are competitive, like football or baseball; but some are non-competitive, such as cheerleading or gymnastics. Many people are familiar with popular competitive sports like track and field, swimming, and basketball, but there are also many lesser-known activities for athletes at every level of physical activity. These activities include ice skating, figure skating, cheerleading, ice hockey, rowing, fencing, surfing, windsurfing, skating, motorcycling, gymnastics, wrestling, surfing, karate, Taekwondo, bicycling, and skating.

There are two broad categories of sports: physical and non-physical. Non-physical sports are generally focused on skill or agility and involve physical performance. Sports requiring great skill, but with relatively little physical dexterity are considering non-physical sports. Sports requiring great physical dexterity, but without great skill are considering physical sports.

The United States has a rich history of both physical and non-physical activities. America’s early inhabitants were skilled hunters and gatherers, who used many of the same techniques of today’s sports athletes. For example, they used sharp stones or sticks to prod their prey, striking it with a sharp stick as they pushed it into the water. They also used their hands to pull fish from the water or to catch game. And, they crafted weapons from stone, wood, metals, and leather, which they used for war.

In modern times, the United States has developed a reputation for professional sports, particularly professional sports for children. Professional sport activities include organized sports, semi-professional sport activities, and hobbies such as ice skating, American football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer. In addition, professional sport organizations have developed. The National Basketball Association, the United States Olympic Committee, the Professional and Amateur Sports Organization, the United States National Hockey League, the United States Tennis Association, the United States Track and Field Association, and the United States Olympic Committee to name a few.

Not all sports can be classified as a sport; for example, cheerleading is not a recognized sport in the United States. But cheerleading works under the classification of gymnastics. Because of its association with physical activities, cheerleading is often considered a sport, even though it is not. Cheerleading is a fun, energetic and highly coordinated activity.

Many people assume that professional sport activity requires a great deal of physical fitness. This is simply not the case. Even though cheerleaders perform routines and choreographed routines, they do not participate in any serious physical contact sports. Cheerleading is strictly a social activity that requires minimal physical fitness and relies on cheers and chants to carry its theme throughout the activity. As a result, cheerleading has a lower intensity level than most other types of sports.