Corona Fever

The Corona virus, also known as the cold sore virus is one of the most common viruses that infects the skin and is carried by warm-blooded creatures such as humans. A person can get the disease only if he/she comes into contact with the dry, red sore or blister that appears on the area affected. The virus is generally spread from person to person by touching an area contaminated with it.

Corona Virus

Corona virus is commonly called the cold sore because it generates a painful and itchy blisters in its center (the middle) and around the edge (the outer edges). These sores are contagious when they are open but they can also be closed upon contact by touching the outer edges. Corona virus is caused by a particular coronavirus known as SARS-coV-2. Older people and those with severe underlying health conditions such as lung or heart disease or diabetes appear to be in higher risk for acquiring more serious complications from Corona virus. It can affect people of any age, race and sex and can strike any gender twice as often as herpes virus. A person can become infected by the disease, even when the other conditions are not present.

There is no specific interval or period during which symptoms are apparent or develop after becoming infected with the Corona virus. Symptoms may start slowly and steadily build up over a week or more. Most people experience mild, moderate to severe burning, itching and tingling sensations and redness in the blisters at the time of the first onset of an outbreak. These sensations can continue even after the initial breakout has subsided.

The reason behind the Corona virus causing this disease is still unknown. Medical studies show that there is no evidence that the virus spreads from one pet to another nor is there any evidence that the virus has been transmitted to humans through animal bites. Corona-related cases have been reported, but no substantial proof has been found to support this so far. It is believed that this disease is caused by one strain of the novel coronavirus (corona fever) that is transmitted from bats. This is also the same virus responsible for the Sars epidemic.

It is not known exactly how the virus affects human beings. It is not clear whether the Corona-based strains that spread through bites cause the infection or if the disease is transferred through other means. The strain that was responsible for Sars had already been identified as being the primary cause of the outbreak. Researchers conducting studies on the corona virus infection are currently examining whether the same strain might be responsible for other types of diseases that have recently affected people in the surrounding areas.

The Middle East had previously been considered to be safe from the Corona virus. However, in the year 2021 the number of Corona-related cases reported has skyrocketed throughout the Middle East. Corona is now the most common virus reported in children between the ages of six and fourteen. According to the researchers, a number of outbreaks have also been reported in adults between the ages of twenty-four and forty-two. One case of Corona-induced sickness was also recorded in a child who passed away after contracting the virus. With all this information, it is important for everyone to be aware that the Corona virus may be making its way towards us.